Angel Hess

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My name is Angel Hess. I grew up in a family of five in a small Indiana town, where I enjoyed making maple syrup from the sap of our maple trees and helping my mom bake pies. I studied arts and crafts when I was very young and have always loved looking for pretty things I could touch or take hold of with my hands. This evolved into cutting gemstones and doing silver and gold smithing as a hobby. By age 15, my hobby turned into a love of traveling in search of gemstones in the mountains of America with my dad -- from Montana for sapphires, to Idaho for opals, and to New York for Herkimer diamonds. Along the way, I picked up a camera and began capturing photographs of America's spectacular country. After moving to Arizona and living at the Grand Canyon, taking pictures became more of an art form. As my awareness of my own perceptive senses expanded further to light, color, and texture of the world, I was able to capture amazing images. I have always preferred taking pictures when I am in the company of another because I find that I enjoy the energy of other people around me. This spurred my transition to New York City life. There I was enlightened further to the human connection and the love of people and souls. I love to look into the souls of people and see who they truly are. My current work is most always experimental to challenge and push myself to grow. I hope you enjoy my work and my projects as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Angel Hess with BobcatAngel Hess at Lake Hodges
Angel Hess, © 1992-2010, "Artist with Super Powers."